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Hey, I’m Bevin.

For those who already know me, you know one of my joys are news bloopers. For those of us who are getting acquainted, here is my all time favorite:


I am filmmaker who explores the wonders of the human condition. I seek the dark and the light and shape their essence into visually compelling narratives.  As life does, I like to hit on the funny bone when it’s least expected.  

I am always considering inclusivity. How to adeptly portray the energy of our time and charge the screen with relevant and robust characters.

This translates to the set as well, where respect for all is Queen.

I bring with me the experience of working alongside Academy Award winning director Jonathan Demme on various projects spanning over 10 years.  I perform with the knowledge of leading a large team while serving as Senior Art Director at NBC Universal in NYC. I act with the wisdom of operating my own independent business in LA for over 7 years.  And a most crucial component to attempting to maintain grace in this beautifully chaotic world, is the support from my community formed during my years at NYU in both the Undergraduate Film & TV and the Masters in Science in Digital Imaging and Design programs.

So all that to say, here I am, living in Los Angeles, with my husband and daughter making motion pictures.  Whether directing films, branded content, short-form, or music videos, I maintain a commitment to telling cerebral stories that represent, delight, and inspire the human spirit.

Looking forward,


P.S. Last night I saw Paul Simon play at the Hollywood Bowl.  He did not play my favorite song (see below), but delivered on being one of the best storytellers of our time:

Think Too Much (a)

P.P.S. A downloadable proper BIO coming soonest.