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A sizzle trailer to give reference for the look and feel for the related feature script.  A longer short FILM also exists.  Just ask and I will share the goods…


A young woman, Paula, impulsively breaks into a large vacation home. She’s not there for money, but to enact some unformed revenge. She becomes enamored of the home and forgets her plan, instead taking a vacation, temporarily living in luxury. After a day of sunbathing, tennis, and Margaritas, her party is interrupted by Nate: the entitled, playboy son of the owner. He mistakes her for “the help” and doesn’t recognize she’s an intruder. He orders her to make him nachos. He steals her beer. She flees but she’s trapped, her shitty station wagon blocked by a monstrous Escalade. She has no choice but play the part, to make his nachos. She’s instantly demoted from queen to servant. Nacho House explores identity, stereotype and gender. Paula, a strong female character in her own right, recreates herself. Her fancy new identity proves incongruous with reality and she’s demoted by Nate to a third identity. Paula accepts this position as a challenge: she’s too resourceful to stay down for long.



Bevin McNamara

Director of Photography:

Teaser Edited by:

Short Edited by :

Justin Gallaher & Bevin McNamara